These watercolours were made outside, I have dated them rather than titled them. They have a strong sense of space. When I am outside I feel like a sensor picking up on rythyms that run across and through the space. Rythyms of light that are there for a short time, as light changes quickly in the early morning. Sometimes I follow a line of light from the tops of the trees down to the floor, sometimes there is a line linking left and right I am amazed at how far branches reach from one side of the woods to the other. Some of the work ends in chaos the branches and lines are so complicated. Usually I try to find a structure that holds everything together. I aim to not leave it to nature to provide a structure so I look for something myself. I work in an open way when working outside, I feel my way around my surroundings with the paintbrush almost in a blind way. The trees form a cave like space almost an inside space but it is all constructed with rythyms. These watercolours have been made in parks, that are spaces for leisure and a feeling of being outside. The artist Barbara Hepworth makes forms from nature that are purely hers, I think I take inspiration from her work when making watercolours outside.