These paintings are a way of being outside and communicating with nature. During lockdown I have had no-one to talk to and making these paintings outside has been like a dialogue. Nature is alive, responsive and never the same. Different ideas and themes run through the pictures, sometimes they are pictures sometimes they are about something abstract. The simple pictures are reliant on nature for a successful composition. If I start with the light then move onto painting the trees the focus shifts I quite like the complexity but the resulting painting is weaker. The speed and flow of the marks and lines I do not really think about or they are instantaneous the movement is the same as that in nature. I have given up trying to get the exact colours I see in nature but I can get the effect of exact colours in the way I combine colours. It is often when I look at one area after another that colour changes from how I saw it before. So what I am seeing is the relationship, how one thing relates to another. I have no intention of taking these paintings further or working from them they are what they are. In June 2020 I did try taking out some city line drawings and painting in the woods onto the cities, the cities became transparent and futuristic looking. The activity of painting in the landscape is therapeutic, it is physically difficult at times. People who I encounter are sometimes a pleasant surprise sometimes they distress me. I have had audiences of families and children, who have always said nice things I am grateful to them. I want the paintings to be wonderful, to uncover something new and to be part of a contemporary dialogue. I hope that they will lift people's spirits and that they will enjoy looking at something that is not digital.